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We are happy to consider looking after any type of animal so long as you can provide detailed instructions about their feeding routine and care requirements.


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Worrying about your pet’s welfare when you can’t be with them is always stressful.

Pet Amigos can help eliminate this stress for both you and your pets by providing them with care and comfort during your absence in the place pets like best ...


             ...their own home!

Basically, we want to make your pet feel as secure as possible during your time away. So, with daily visits, we will take over the everyday jobs of feeding, cleaning litter trays etc, grooming and just plain fussing over them!


If you wish we can also move any post or papers from the letterbox, water plants, open & close curtains and even put your rubbish out on bin day!

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Here at Pet Amigos we believe in being as flexible as possible to suit your needs.


Perhaps you are going away on holiday, need to spend time in hospital or have an important business meeting you must attend.


Get in touch with your requirements and we will work with you to solve the problem.

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